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Nick Muhlenbruch - Owner of Quality Automotive Center
"Finding an automotive service center with people you can trust and communicate with can be difficult. If you have found a shop that you're happy with, great! We encourage you to continue the relationship. However, if you still haven't found a shop you're comfortable with we would like to ask you to give us a try. Here are some much appreciated kind words from our fellow patrons who call us their 'go to' local auto repair shop." - Nick Muhlenbruch

Marie Smith

(valued Quality Automotive Center Customer)

"Dear Mr. and Mrs Muhlenbruch, I can't thank you enough for your kindness, generosity, and caring by repairing my car- a mere stranger at that- at no cost. And then to have your wife pick me up to get my car. I was overjoyed (with tears) that there are still people who still care for others. MY car is running better than ever!! Myself and all my friends will be coming to you from now on. Thanks Again, Marie Smith"

Tollie Rich

(valued Quality Automotive Center Customer)

"I have used Nicks services for years to maintain and repair my cars. I have referred my mom, son and friends to him. Based on my experiences with Nick, I would trust him with any automotive issue I might have. He has always a been very reasonably priced professional businessman. If i need some service he will suggest what he feels is necessary. On the other hand, he has on a couple of occasions told me I did not need something done. This just happened today when I thought I needed the front brake pads replaced on one of my cars. He inspected it and said it still had 60% of the pad left and did not recommend I replace it at this time. The car has 71,000+ miles and based on my review of the brakes I thought it was time to have them replaced. I feel certain that if I had taken the car to many other auto repair shops, I would have had a new set of brake pads. Nick runs his business with his wife. I am sure he needs the business due to the slow economic conditions in Cape Coral, but because of his HONESTY and INTEGRITY he suggested I postpone my brake repair. Nick is a rare businessman I would recommend him to anyone in need of automotive assistance."

Gerry Gram

(valued Quality Automotive Center Customer)

"I'm the owner of the 1991 Blazer with the turn signal that did not work Wednesday afternoon. I realized this after I nearly got hit in the rear when making a right turn on Del Prado. It was raining, my husband was out of town and I was distraught not knowing where to get a new bulb or how I was going to change it. I was very concerned about driving in the rain without a turn signal. I happened to see your shop when I was pulling into a store down the road. I thought it was worth a try to stop at your place. Lo and behold, not only could you fix it, you did it immediately and didn't charge me a thing. Your generosity brought tears to my eyes. Now as the season begins and traffic gets heavier, people seem to get more impatient and less kind to one another. Your kindness warmed my heart and made my day. From a business standpoint, it's the best PR you could possibly do. I hope I don't need many auto repairs but rest assured you will have my business in the future. I have already shared my story with at least 10 people. I hope you saw the old movie 'Pay it Forward'. You definitely paid it forward and I am grateful. I hope someone does something nice and unexpected for you very soon. Most Sincerely, Gerry Gram"